office photography

Farm Rio

When I was in Brazil, my partner was really fond of the clothing at a store called Farm Rio, which didn’t seem to have an presence in the states. Flash forward a few years later and a client of mine mentioned they needed photos of a showroom in NYC - for Farm Rio! The space was full of tropical details in each and every nook, bringing that sunny Rio vibe to our metropolis.



I had previously been a member of the ever expanding WeWork and actually met a lot of great clients there. Although I’ve since left (but considering a return), I’ve been able to continue my relationship with the company by shooting for them. I was fortunate to shoot a few spaces recently and wanted to share some of the photos that highlight some wonderful neon designs.


390 West End Ave

Medical offices don’t often employ us due to their austere, perfunctory vibes but when we do get the call it usually means we have a special place in store. And that’s what we shot here, a serene, futuristic OBGYN office on the Upper West Side. From the modern-art-esque chandelier, to the spacey lighting, the space was more fun to shoot than your typical doctor’s office.