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A good terrace can be a dime a dozen in this city but sometimes you are lucky enough to catch one, that is not only stunning, but it so beautifully integrated into the home itself. Such was the case with this gorgeous penthouse unit on the Upper East Side - which appears to an epicenter of beautifully designed homes.



I had previously been a member of the ever expanding WeWork and actually met a lot of great clients there. Although I’ve since left (but considering a return), I’ve been able to continue my relationship with the company by shooting for them. I was fortunate to shoot a few spaces recently and wanted to share some of the photos that highlight some wonderful neon designs.



I had some experience shooting some hair and nail salons while living in London but I only skimmed the surface until I first starting working with Artist On Go ( https://www.artistongo.com/) who helps stylists find salons in which they can rent a chair. I wanted to share some of the highlights from these shoots here as I have encountered a good amount of beautifully designed interiors.


390 West End Ave

Medical offices don’t often employ us due to their austere, perfunctory vibes but when we do get the call it usually means we have a special place in store. And that’s what we shot here, a serene, futuristic OBGYN office on the Upper West Side. From the modern-art-esque chandelier, to the spacey lighting, the space was more fun to shoot than your typical doctor’s office.

127 Clinton

My grandmother went to Pratt and has always had a creative eye. She’s a beautiful painter and a lover of fine art and cinema, and I owe most of my creativity to her. I worked with a Pratt graduate recently (who still lived close to the campus) and she had a wonderful eye for design. Interior design is a luxury and, because of it, most of my clients cater to an older crowd who can afford such a service, so it’s always great to see a younger, modern view on the art form. I think this unit definitely has a unique vibrance that isn’t captured enough.

167 Perry St

Something funny happened with this shoot. For some reason, I thought the client was contacting us to help sell her unit. When I arrived, it was beautifully staged - suspiciously so - beyond most staged real estate I had seen. That’s because the client was a designer and she wasn’t selling anything, she just wanted to showcase her work. Luckily I had my not-so-wide lens with me and we were able to pull the shoot off without a problem. It’s interesting how most times the different between a real estate shoot and interior design shoot is about 8mm.

401 East 74th St

Some photographers think a cloudy day yields better light than a sunny. It’s true that sunny light can be a little difficult to contain but if you can harness it well, the results can be spectacular. This shoot occurred on a pretty dreary day but the light did yield some beautifully soft light that gave some of the objects a rich, buttery feel to them.

10 Madison Square West

Window views are often an element of editing I have oscillating opinions about. With real estate photography, the clients are always concerned about the views, but for interior designers it’s not such a concern - after all, the photos are taken to show off what’s inside the home. But when you have a home with gorgeous, sweeping views of the city, how can you not want to show them off? After all, isn’t it a testament of the designer’s prestige to be able to work in a space that is so high up, and probably comes with a higher price tag because of it? Hypothetical questions aside, this gorgeous home, designed by JL Powers Design, had some stunning views but we didn’t let them overtake the shots - but we were able to let them coexist with some curtain cover.

319 Schermerhorn

I had the pleasure of working with Urban Casa on this model unit and it was very clear that this space was an instance where less was more. There were some beautiful lines and colors that we chased in these photos and opted for a more detail-oriented shoot that what I typically experience with clients who like to show as much as they can in a single shot. It just goes to show how important details can be - from a wide and tight perspective.


Here are some shots of the new Clergerie store on Madison Ave in the Upper East Side. A lot of my shoots are scheduled when things aren't 100% photo ready and this shoot was the case. I was able to Photoshop on the awning on the outside (which was missing from the store at the time) but perhaps it's lacking a bit of that NYC street grit that the rest of the facade seems to show?

1 Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards is growing quickly and what was just a flat space with a train yard and a convention center is becoming a hotbed of skyscrapers and residences. I shot one of the residential buildings in the are recently and wanted to share some photos from a, fortunately, sun-filled shoot.

American Copper Building

I had the pleasure (and luck) of shooting the new American Copper building in Kips Bay. The building is a monumental achievement or architectural feats, and is comprised of two towers that are connected via a skybridge. I've always been fond of the antiquated and unfortunately defunct sky bridges that can be seen in Herald Square and Dumbo and it's so exciting to, not only see an active one, but one so ornately decorated and fitted for recreational use. Not only can you walk between the buildings but you can take a seat and watch the sun rise over the East River or even play a game of billiards!  


L'Atelier De Joel Robuchon

As a photographer, there are some jobs that are fulfilling, some that are career-affirming, and some that are unforgettable. This job was all three of those. As a big fan of eating, and eating well, I couldn't believe my eyes when I got the e-mail about shooting the NYC opening of L'Atelier De Joel Robuchon - nor could I even comprehend when the restaurant asked me to come on for the whole week of the opening, after initially being hired by Eater for a quick one-off shoot.


To top it off, this photo that I took above then found itself in a slew of solid publications including, Architectural Digest, Food & Wine, Men's Health and plenty more. Here are a few more of my favorite interior shots from my time at L'Atelier.


Everything But Water

I recently photographed the third store for the women's design swimwear brand, Everything But Water. This shoot happened on a dreary, rainy day in Manhattan, which is something that most clients aren't fond of. However, the lighting design in the Everything But Water stores are always quite dynamic, and coupled with some fill flash, helped create some really illuminated and dynamic lighting conditions for the photos. It was also nice to not have the clashing color temperatures of the outside light interrupt the constant flow of tungsten lighting in the store.