Here are some shots of the new Clergerie store on Madison Ave in the Upper East Side. A lot of my shoots are scheduled when things aren't 100% photo ready and this shoot was the case. I was able to Photoshop on the awning on the outside (which was missing from the store at the time) but perhaps it's lacking a bit of that NYC street grit that the rest of the facade seems to show?

Everything But Water

I recently photographed the third store for the women's design swimwear brand, Everything But Water. This shoot happened on a dreary, rainy day in Manhattan, which is something that most clients aren't fond of. However, the lighting design in the Everything But Water stores are always quite dynamic, and coupled with some fill flash, helped create some really illuminated and dynamic lighting conditions for the photos. It was also nice to not have the clashing color temperatures of the outside light interrupt the constant flow of tungsten lighting in the store.