Here are some shots of the new Clergerie store on Madison Ave in the Upper East Side. A lot of my shoots are scheduled when things aren't 100% photo ready and this shoot was the case. I was able to Photoshop on the awning on the outside (which was missing from the store at the time) but perhaps it's lacking a bit of that NYC street grit that the rest of the facade seems to show?

1 Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards is growing quickly and what was just a flat space with a train yard and a convention center is becoming a hotbed of skyscrapers and residences. I shot one of the residential buildings in the are recently and wanted to share some photos from a, fortunately, sun-filled shoot.

American Copper Building

I had the pleasure (and luck) of shooting the new American Copper building in Kips Bay. The building is a monumental achievement or architectural feats, and is comprised of two towers that are connected via a skybridge. I've always been fond of the antiquated and unfortunately defunct sky bridges that can be seen in Herald Square and Dumbo and it's so exciting to, not only see an active one, but one so ornately decorated and fitted for recreational use. Not only can you walk between the buildings but you can take a seat and watch the sun rise over the East River or even play a game of billiards!  


L'Atelier De Joel Robuchon

As a photographer, there are some jobs that are fulfilling, some that are career-affirming, and some that are unforgettable. This job was all three of those. As a big fan of eating, and eating well, I couldn't believe my eyes when I got the e-mail about shooting the NYC opening of L'Atelier De Joel Robuchon - nor could I even comprehend when the restaurant asked me to come on for the whole week of the opening, after initially being hired by Eater for a quick one-off shoot.


To top it off, this photo that I took above then found itself in a slew of solid publications including, Architectural Digest, Food & Wine, Men's Health and plenty more. Here are a few more of my favorite interior shots from my time at L'Atelier.


Everything But Water

I recently photographed the third store for the women's design swimwear brand, Everything But Water. This shoot happened on a dreary, rainy day in Manhattan, which is something that most clients aren't fond of. However, the lighting design in the Everything But Water stores are always quite dynamic, and coupled with some fill flash, helped create some really illuminated and dynamic lighting conditions for the photos. It was also nice to not have the clashing color temperatures of the outside light interrupt the constant flow of tungsten lighting in the store.



UNOde50 Soho Studio

We had the pleasure of taking some photos (and video - a new service we will be offering soon) of the Soho opening of the Madrid-based jewelry store, UNOde50. The space occupies a narrow, but tall storefront on Prince Street and features a wavy, recessed lighting ceiling which undulates towards the stairwell at the store's rear. The walls are adorned with tall, rusted metal cages which hold the merchandise on shelves and in drawers.



Paying It Forward

Though the goal with this site is to clearly advertise our photography and marketing services to those in need, some may stumble on this site for inspiration for shooting their own interiors, or perhaps beginning a hobby/profession in shooting interiors, which I wholeheartedly encourage!

In fact, I taught a class a little while ago for SkillShare on how to shoot interiors. It's a super rudimentary course but (I hope) it's enough to get anyone who is interested started and maybe inspire them to continue shooting interiors.

An Online Skillshare Class by Alex Staniloff

Hi there

I started Gotham Interiors when I moved back to New York in 2013 and didn't even consider a blog/journal/space to share my thoughts but here I am and here they come. For my first post I'm sharing a photo of one of my favorite places in NYC: Perry St. A gorgeous restaurant that has beautiful light emanating from the adjacent West Side Highway. Despite all the traffic, you don't hear a peep. You just enjoy the wonderful interior space and the even more wonderful food.